Cisco SLA

Cisco SLA

Accredited select partner for Cisco in Saudi Arabia

Cisco SLA

Cisco is the world's largest networking company. Its internetwork devices and communications solutions are unmatched and a core ingrediant of any business industry. ZADIP Group has been raised as Cisco Select Partner in 2016 which helps us provide our clients with added value services directly without the involvement of any third party. This assures that our clients always enjoy the commitment that we promise them and that our relationship covers all facets of supply, implementation and management.
ZAD provides information on maintenance, follow-up and installation services for Cisco's various network and communications systems using SmartNet Total Care technology in additional to regular technical visits to resolve any problems you may encounter with Cisco devices.

We assure that you feel at ease surrounded by expert hands to help you solve the problems that may be encountered during your work as quickly as possible and accurately without the need to lose your business

The right time to start preparing for Cisco's technical support plan is the first day you decide to own Cisco devices, so do not delay your service request.

You can request our services directly by filling out the contact form below.
Network hardware are the key variable in providing high-speed connections between devices, applications and users that are needed to increase productivity and ensure the competitiveness of your business. "LAN Switching & Routing" technologies now include many smart features such as protection, QoS and power over Ethernet that enable an effective and measurable connection to applications.

Many companies have already seen how wireless networks enhance productivity, improve communication and speed up decision-making. Access to information anytime, anywhere will enhance collaboration between colleagues, business partners and customers alike while improving real-time access to instant messaging, e-mail and network productivity resources.

Wireless networks provide far more than just access anytime, anywhere and with anyone, it changes the way we do business. There are many case studies that prove reduced cost of implementation and increase in productivity can really unleash the potential of your workforce and grow businesses.
Business-critical data can be protected with continued Internet access while enjoying the flexibility to access the Internet. Networks must be interconnected and enjoined in the fabric of the network infrastructure. The network will become the main point of control, thus preventing and responding to security threats. All this will ensure the confidentiality of information and secure access to the company's resources.
In addition to collaboration, conferencing, messaging and mobility applications to meet the needs of existing offices and workplaces in terms of video and communications services and unified communications systems solutions, the benefits of IP Telephony and IP Convergence are increasing.

Rather than simply connecting products, unified communications applications will be integrated into the IP network infrastructure to help organizations better communicate their business processes and ensure that the right information reaches the individuals concerned quickly and efficiently through the required medium.
Vision 2030

Comprehensive Added Value

The Vision 2030 initiative by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, may Allah protect him, derives its importance from the fast-paced and dynamic world we live in. The solutions of tomorrow are the ideas that we work on today. ZADIP has been tirelessly working with its esteemed group of partners and technology enthusiasts to bring emerging technologies into the service of our country and her people.

We present our humble acknowledgement and determination to this ambitious initiative and pray for the success and pride that it would bring to our countrymen and the Muslim ummah.