Complete management of your vehicle fleet in your hands.

Advantages of Tamm

Tamm service helps vehicles' owners in Saudi Arabia to get all updated information of their respective vehicles from their governmental sources , to review and control data simultaneously.

All sectors within Automotive Services either showrooms, agencies, rental companies or public and private entities that have a large number of vehicles can benefit from Tamm service to facilitate all transactions and procedures.
  1. Vehicle Information Inquiry
  2. Add and cancel main driver
  3. Inquire about paid traffic violations
  4. Inquiry about vehicle insurance
  5. Issuing and revoking international authorization
  6. Query new vehicle information
  7. Know the serial number of the vehicle
  8. Inquiry about driving licenses
  9. Issuing and revoking an internal authorization
  10. Check vehicle and owner information
  11. Property transfer service
  12. Issuing and renewing driving licenses

Pricing Packages

Annual Pricing

Number of Cars 0-910-4950-99100-249250-499500-999 1000-50005000-9999
Price in SAR (Annual)1800330048007300 9800123001630020300

Transactional Charges

Transaction Cost in SAR
Adding internal authorization for a vehicle 1.75
Cancel internal authorization for a vehicle 0
Adding international authorization for a vehicle 35
Cancel international authorization for a vehicle 0
Add or edit actual driver for a vehicle 10
Cancel actual driver for a vehicle 0
Issue driving license for vehicle 45
Renew driving license for vehicle 35
Transfer of ownership for a vehicle 75
Reserve ownership for a vehicle 15
Vehicle insurance validity 0
Query on car information 0
Query about driver license data 0
Inquiry about paid traffic violations 3
Inquiry about unpaid traffic violations 1
Inquiry on all traffic violations 1
Inquiry about driving license information 1
Inquiry about vehicle information 1
Vision 2030

Comprehensive Added Value

The Vision 2030 initiative by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, may Allah protect him, derives its importance from the fast-paced and dynamic world we live in. The solutions of tomorrow are the ideas that we work on today. ZADIP has been tirelessly working with its esteemed group of partners and technology enthusiasts to bring emerging technologies into the service of our country and her people.

We present our humble acknowledgement and determination to this ambitious initiative and pray for the success and pride that it would bring to our countrymen and the Muslim ummah.