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Fleet Management Solution ( Nafeth™ )

Nafeth™ from ZADIP provides you with the power and control over your Fleet. Our software will offer you the ability to control and manage your fleet plus the privilege of integrating directly to your Tamm Service account, the one and only software in the Saudi marker with the Tamm Functionality built-in.Read more...

Professional Biometrics Solutions

If you are seeking a professional solution to secure your organization look no more. You will find all the solutions for Identification in one place, here at ZADIP Group. Take your time to browse our product catalog to checkout all the available solutions . Read more...

Corporate professional web and identity design

Give us the pleasure to develop your Companies website and identity of success. We provide you with a professional design that adopts your needs and scope of work. ZAD IP with its professional designers can provide you with all your graphics needs and requirement. Read more...

e-Gov Services

Saudi Arabia is always seeking the Welfare of the citizens. therefor they have start to develop a broad range of e-solutions to give the citizen the comfort he deserve. One of the main companies is Elm Co. who is developing and managing e-gov solutions. We ZADIP Group are the major Marketing and provider for those government solutions. We provide our clients with Muqeem Service, Tamm Service, Yaqeen Service and e-gate service. So please don't hesitate to contact us at any time to get those services for your company or government sectors since we provide the services for both.

ZADIP GROUP is ELM Co. Authorized Sales Partner For e-Government Solutions


Strategic Partner

Nafeth Service

Car Rental Unified Managment Platform




8647 Prince Fahad Ibn Ibrahim Al Saud, Al Malaz, الرياض
Our Address:
Salma Center, Pri,Fahad Bin Brahim
Malaz, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 11417
Hours of Operation:
Sat to Wed. 8:30am to 5:30pm
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For our customer at the Eastern Region

Our dear customers located at the eastern region of Saudi Arabia, because we take good care of our customers we opened a branch for you in Alkhobar. Please feel free to visit our branch at Alkhozaim Commercial center on Dahran Road, Alkhobar. our you can view the branch contact details here....


Please due ask your customer representative if the service you are requiring is eligible for a demo period. We provide you with a demo version for our service so that you can be assured that the services and products suite you best. Please note that not all of our service comes with a demo version.