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Muqeem e-services

Here is a List of e-services provided through the Muqeem Portal:


Muqeem Services for Passports:

Interactive Services for Electronic Transactions:

Issuing the one-time exit and re-entry visa

Printing the exit and re-entry visa

Canceling the exit and re-entry visa

Extending the exit and re-entry visa

Issuing the final exit visa

Printing the final exit visa

Electronic Inquiries Services:


Inquiries about:

Resident’s data through the Residency number. 

General data regarding any resident on your sponsorship

Information regarding driving licenses

Any fines for any resident on your sponsorship

About any resident by name

Exit and re-entry visa by residency number

Exit and re-entry visa by visa number


Directorate of Passports’ Lists Electronic Services:

List of all the residents under your sponsorship

List of all new residents (those who have not received residency visas)

List of all the holders of an exit-re-entry visa

List of all the holders of a final exit visa

List of persons with inactive records

List of absconders

Printing services of residents lists with their dependents

General census electronic service

General Electronic Forms Service

E-mail Service

Khayarati Electronic Service

Ikhtisaraty Electronic Service


Muqeem Traffic Services

Traffic Department’s Lists Electronic Services:

Access to:

List of all the fines of residents under the sponsorship of the company

List of all the driving license holders in the company

List of all the expired license holders

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Our Address:
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Hours of Operation:
Sat to Wed. 8:30am to 5:30pm
Thursday & Friday are weekend

For our customer at the Eastern Region

Our dear customers located at the eastern region of Saudi Arabia, because we take good care of our customers we opened a branch for you in Alkhobar. Please feel free to visit our branch at Alkhozaim Commercial center on Dahran Road, Alkhobar. our you can view the branch contact details here....


Please due ask your customer representative if the service you are requiring is eligible for a demo period. We provide you with a demo version for our service so that you can be assured that the services and products suite you best. Please note that not all of our service comes with a demo version.